Pledge to Use Mediation First

  • Most people don’t think about accessing mediation first
  • When emotions are high, lawsuits are filed, relationships are broken, and people resign from their jobs or positions on Boards of Directors, and leave their churches and clubs
  • To prevent the negative impacts of high-emotion disputes in the future, you can pledge your support of mediation today
  • If mediation sounds like a preferred first step in resolving conflict, then review the Mediation Pledge, sign it and submit it to the Mediation Center of the Pacific
  • The Mediation Center of the Pacific is maintaining a list of every person, business, club, school, church group and organization that adopts the Mediation Pledge
  • In the future, if you are in a dispute, you may refer back to this website to find out if the other person or people have signed the Mediation Pledge