Condominium Mediation

A broad variety of issues arising between owners, board members, property managers, resident managers, vendors and others relating to condominium or homeowner associations are mediated at the Mediation Center.

What’s Different About Condominium Mediations?

  • The Hawaii Revised Statutes, §514B-161, requires mediation if a condominium owner or the board of directors requests mediation of a dispute involving the interpretation or enforcement of an association’s declaration, bylaws or house rules.
  • The mediators assigned to these cases apply an evaluative approach to assist the parties in reaching a settlement, as well as use the traditional tools of active listening, facilitating discussion and negotiation.
    Evaluation is a tool applied by mediators who possess subject matter expertise in the Hawaii condominium law and relevant case law, as well as extensive mediator skills. During the mediation, the mediators apply the facts of the mediation to provide candid and informed assessments of each party’s position, facilitate discussion and assist in the parties’ attempts to reach agreement by giving objective feedback and suggestions on options for resolution.
  • Each party is responsible for the first hour of mediation, which is $375. The remaining costs of the mediation are subsidized by funds from the Condominium Education Trust Fund.

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The maximum amount per mediation is set at $3,000 unless the mediator determines the parties would benefit with additional mediation time.

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