Civil Rights Mediation

The Mediation Center receives referrals from the Hawai`i Civil Rights Commission (HCRC) involving various types of workplace, housing and merchant discrimination complaints. Mediation is offered by HCRC as an alternative to the traditional investigative and litigation processes.

What’s Different About Civil Rights Mediations?

  • Settlement terms may range from simple clarifications of an incident to an apology, letters of reference, reinstatement, affirmative action (such as policy changes), and monetary settlements.
  • Every written agreement includes a statement that it is a full and final settlement of all charges and requires withdrawal of the complaint.
  • A copy of every written agreement is provided to the HCRC Executive Director who reviews all agreements to determine whether any further affirmative action might be required of the respondent.
  • If there is no agreement the case is returned to the HCRC investigative process.

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