Mediator Training

The Mediation Center of the Pacific conducts at least two regularly scheduled basic mediation trainings throughout the year that are open to everyone. In addition, Mediation Center trainers will customize a training or workshop at the request of a group, agency or business. The trainings are highly interactive and use demonstrations, simulated situations, role-plays, and large and small group exercises and activities. For more information, call the Mediation Center at 521-6767.

Workshops cover a variety of dispute resolution topics including conflict resolution, mediation and facilitation. These courses focus on developing an individual understanding of conflict and approaches to disputes, basic inter-personal communication and conflict skills, anger management, group dynamics, power imbalances, and maintaining neutrality (objectivity). Longer trainings are available to offer more complete coverage and additional opportunities for participants to role play and incorporate actual work and personal situations into the training. In addition, companies may wish to train employees to assist others in dispute resolution.

Basic Mediation Training

MEDIATION: Tools for successful problem solving Mediation skills provide you with the tools to help others resolve their differences in a safe, empowering forum. Mediation is a process that allows the parties themselves to create solutions they can live with. Relationships may be preserved, dignity upheld and agreements negotiated that allow the participants to move …

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Mediation Skills for Managers

Available for groups or companies. For more information, call the Mediation Center of the Pacific at 521-6767. Description In Mediation Skills for Managers, managers and supervisors will learn to resolve any type of workplace dispute, conflict, or dissatisfaction. Resolve interpersonal disputes early before they negatively impact productivity and morale. The following skills will be covered: …

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