Family Conferences & Mediation

Family conferences and mediation offer elders and their families the opportunity to talk through sensitive issues with the assistance of impartial facilitators and mediators to create custom family plans that meet the unique needs of the elder and other family members.

For more information see the Kupuna Pono brochure by clicking here

To schedule a mediation or facilitation session for your family to come together and develop a plan with and for your elder member, call 521-6767.

  • Quickly develop a shared understanding of medical recommendations, special needs and resources to initiate discharge plans and next steps
  • Reduce stress about the safety and welfare of the elder, as well as other family members
  • Strengthen family relationships as they work together to support the elder
  • Empower the elder to express their desires and participate in the decision-making
  • Share a comprehensive family commitment to care for the elder at home