Kupuna Pono

Helping Families Talk and Support Their Kupuna

Kupuna Pono is a program designed to help families talk about difficult issues and develop plans to support elderly family members. 

  • Every family wants the best for their elders
  • Every family eventually has disagreements regarding elder care and support
  • Family disagreements cost everyone in time, money and emotions

Family conflicts related to caring for an elderly family member impact everyone in the family. By providing a process for families to address their issues and simultaneously incorporate the recommendations of medical personnel into a customized plan:

  • Families are more quickly able to agree on appropriate next steps to support their elder member including transitioning from medical discharge to home or assisted living
  • The doctor/patient working relationship is strengthened
  • To see how a family conference works, click here:

Mahalo to the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation for providing the financial support for the video and the Kupuna Pono Program designed to help families with elder care issues.